Weddings for foreigners not living in Italy

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08 febbraio 2024

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08 febbraio 2024

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Booking of matrimony and requirements

The spouses, only six months before the wedding date, have to contact the weddings office, to fix the date and time of marriage and an appointment for the wedding report which has to be drawn at least 2/3 days before marriage.
You will need copies of personal identity documents and the documents listed below, which can be sent to the following email:
The report will be drawn at the Office- Servizi Demografici- Ufficio Matrimoni Stato Civile (n.1 green) in Via S. Paolino, 140 in Lucca.
On this occasion both spouses must be present, with an interpreter if necessary, and they all must have their identity documents and the original documents mentioned below.

  • Nulla-osta to civil marriage issued in accordance with art. 116, d.c. by the foreign consulate in Italy or certificate of non-impediment (for those countries that adhere to international conventions)
  • plus a birth extract with fatherhood and motherhood.
  • The nulla-osta must contain the exact indication of the names, surnames, date and place of birth, residence, citizenship and civil status of spouses (if the bride is widowed or divorced also the date of the event) and the names of their parents, if that last figure is missing, you have to present an extract of birth with fatherhood and motherhood regularly translated and provided by the Consulate for legalization (if any).

Documents necessary for matrimony of American citizens

  • affidavit to be done before the Consulate General of Italy in the USA, or from a notary in the U.S. with the formality of the apostille, or by the Court in Italy. (The apostille is the seal of the Notary Public of the State in accordance with the Hague convention, which means that the documents can be used officially in a foreign country, it is NOT a regular Notary Public stamp)
  • in the affidavit it must be clear that, in accordance with the laws which the spouses are subject to in the U.S., there are no obstacles to the marriage which is to take place in Italy
  • affidavit of the bride and bridegroom made at the American Consulate in Italy (Florence) which shows that under the laws which they will be subject to the U.S., there are no obstacles to the marriage which they intend to contract in Italy. This document must contain all the information listed above for the nulla-osta, it must be written in Italian and the signature of the Consulate has to be legalized at the local Prefettura

For matrimony of Australian citizens
As for American citizens with the possibility of drawing the affidavit in addition to the Italian Consulate abroad, also at the offices of Civil Status.
The above mentioned documents are valid for six months, unless otherwise determined by the state of issue.

Documents required

  • copy of identity documents of the two witnesses to the marriage (it is sufficient to have them the day of drawing the report)
  • copy of identity document of the interpreter who will be present for drawing the report and on the day of the marriage if the spouses or the witnesses do not know Italian (it is sufficient on the day of report);
  • receipt of payment of fee due (simply submit it on the day of report).

After the wedding

It is a duty of the spouses to regularize their position in the state of origin; for this you should contact directly you Consulate and withdraw fromt the Office of Civil Status an extract of the marriage, if necessary on a multilingual form.

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